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True handleless kitchens

Discover our true handleless kitchen ranges with a streamline design. The true handleless doors provide a visually impressive modern appearance, sometimes referred to as a German inspired kitchen. They are available in a number of colours, including painted, with an option of a high gloss or matt finish.Our true handleless ranges are available from selected kitchens from Second Nature (PWS), Burbidge, TKComponents (TKC), Kitchen Stori and Multiwood are all shown below.

Second Nature Porter true handleless
An example of a true handleless kitchen

What are the differences between a true handleless kitchen and a handleless J profile kitchen?

The handleless kitchen features a door which has a J shaped groove at the top. This J shaped door is used to open the door. A true handleless kitchen door is a full slab door and sits slightly short in height, or width, of the unit. The unit is manufactured with a slight recess to which a handleless profile is fitted. This allows you to put your fingers behind the door and pull it open.

The range of door finishes are very much the same between both styles. High gloss, matt and painted, including bespoke colours, are available in both styles. The choice of handleless or true handleless is very much personal preference.

What are profiles for a true handleless kitchen?

The handleless kitchen doors used in these ranges are of a slab design, often from our Modern kitchen ranges. A unique profile rail system is then built into the kitchen unit which is constructed specifically for this style. The profile, or rail, is available in a number of colours including the popular aluminium profile. The style is often reviewed and referred to as German handleless kitchens.

Is fitting a true handleless kitchen different to a standard kitchen?

A true handleless kitchen is fitted the same as a traditional kitchen. There is an additional profile which needs to be added to the kitchen unit by the fitter. The most important part is ensuring the design is accurate.

Why use Units Online for your true handleless kitchen design?

At Units Online we understand the design elements required to ensure a perfect fitting kitchen. Our kitchen planners have all been trained and have extensive experience. All kitchen units are then built in our factory, not sub-contracted like other online companies.

Burbidge Otto true handleless
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Second Nature German true handleless kitchens

Second Nature (PWS) - True handleless kitchens

From the Second Nature German style are a range of slab doors suitable for the true handleless kitchens. Select from a wide choice of gloss and matt colours.

Porter cashmere second nature kitchen


Second Nature true handleless ranges


The Porter in true handleless style is available in both high gloss and matt finishes. Matt is available in 35 painted colours with fantastic modern colours available from stock. In the high gloss finish the Porter is available in 7 colours from stock ranging from white to graphite. The Porter high gloss is also available in 35 painted colours.

more information


The contemporary design of the Ellerton is available in 35 painted colours of which 1 is available from stock.

more information


Alpina offers a striking wood grain timber veener effecr. It is available in a mixture of matt and textured finishes.

more information


The Unity gives you plenty of scope for customisation. Select from a mixture of high gloss, metallic, super matt and woodgrain effect. The high gloss is available in 6 colours. Metallic in 2 striking finishes. Supermatt is available from a choice of 5 colours. New to the range is the feature concrete with 3 colours.

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feature door true handleless
tomba true handleless

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burbidge true handleless kitchens

Burbidge - True handleless kitchens

The Burbidge true handleless is available in the Otto range of slab doors. Both gloss and matt are available in a selection of colours. For a different finish the Otto laminate is available in a selection of colours.

true handleless Otto


Burbidge true handleless ranges


The Otto is a sleek looking German inspired kitchen. A wide choice of options are available from matt stock painted to Otto laminate. The Otto true handleless door is available from the stock colours of anthracite, light grey and porcelain. The laminate is available in different effects from walnut to a very modern concrete.

more information

Otto matt stock true handleless
Otto paint to order is no longer available

Otto burbidge
A burbidge true handleless kitchen

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Kitchen Stori true handleless kitchens

Kitchen Stori - Uform - True handleless kitchens

The modern looking true handleless ranges from Kitchen Stori includes the ranges of Aldana, Ferro, Rezana, Tavola and the Zola. The Tavola stained offers a wide selection of different colour finishes together with painted and light oak options. This is contemporary Zola offers presents a number of colours in both gloss and matt finishes

true handleless Zola


Kitchen Stori - Uform true handleless ranges


The Aldana range is new to our true handleless collection. It is available in painted colours or sanded. Please contact us for more information.

more information


Ferro is available in 6 stunning metallic inspired finishes.

more information


Rezana is available with a mixture of stained finishes. It is also available sanded.

more information


The Tavola is avialble in a selection of differnet colours and styles. Select from stained or painted colours. A very contemporary light oak or sanded.

more information


The Zola is very contemporary. Select from 7 high gloss colours or 5 wonderfully modern matte colours. Zola is also available painted in matte colours.

more information

A Kitchen Stori true handleless kitchen

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TKComponents true handleless kitchens

TKComponments (TKC) - True handleless kitchens

TKC offer both a slab true handleless and a shaker true handleless door. The Vivo is the slab door and is available in matt stock colours and matt paint to order colours. The Stratto is the shaker true handleless and is available in stock colours only

TKC true handleless kitchens


TK Components true handleless ranges


This fantastic smooth slim shaker kitchen is available in stock colours only.



Vivo is available in both high gloss and matt finishes. The matt is available in both stock colours and a wide choice of paint to order colours.

TKC Stretto shaker true handleless kitchen
Vivo matt true handleless

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Multiwood true handleless kitchens

Multiwood - True handleless kitchens

The true handleless range from Multiwood features the Cosdon. Cosdon kitchens form part of the Multiwood First Impressions range.

true handleless Multiwood Cosdon


Multiwood / First Impressions true handleless ranges


Select from a mixture of high gloss and stock colours. For high gloss 5 colours are available from stock. Cosdon matt features a range of 28 pained colours of which 5 are availble from stock.

Please contact us for more information

Cosdon high gloss stock true handleless
Cosdon matt stock true handleless
Cosdon matt painted true handleless

A Multiwood true handleless kitchen
A Multwood / first Impressions Stori true handleless kitchen

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More information on True Handleless kitchens

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Handleless profiles

To support the True Handleless kitchen a number of handleless profiles will need to be ordered with the kitchen. You can view these handleless profiles in our accessories catalogue Handleless profiles - view

profiles for true handleless kitchen units kitchen showing true handleless profiles without doors

True handleless kitchen list correct as at 14/07/2021

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