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List of all kitchens we supply

Please find below a list of the current kitchen ranges we supply. If you can not find the range you require on the list then please contact us.

The links below are to the standard door. We have indicated where a true handlelss variant of the range is available. To view our true handlelss kitchen ranges please visit our true handless page.

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AconburyMultiwood Aconbury MultiwoodHandleless

AldanaKitchen Stori / Uform AldanaUformShakerTH available

AllestreeMultiwood Allestree MultiwoodShaker

Alpina GlossSecond NatureModernTH available DISCON

Alpina Matt FinishesSecond Nature AlpinaSecond NatureModernTH available

Alpina TexturedSecond Nature AlpinaSecond NatureModernTH available

ArloArlo Second Nature kitchenSecond NatureHandleless

ArringtonKitchen Stori/Uform ArringtonUformFaux Inframe

AscotTKC AscostTKCShaker

Aspects BespokeAspects Bespoke kitchensASPECTSModern


BarnesBurbidge Barnes BurbidgeShaker

BaystoneMultiwood Baystone MultiwoodInframe

BelgraviaKitchen Stori / Uform BelgraviaUformInframe

BroadoakSecond Nature BroadoakSecond NatureShaker

Broadoak NaturalSecond Nature Broadoak natural shaker kitchenSecond NatureShaker

Broadoak RyeSecond NatureShaker DISCON

BromptonBurbidgeFaux inframe DISCON


CambridgeTKC Cambridge Shaker Painted TKCShaker

Cambridge OakTKC Cambridge Shaker Oak TKCShaker

CartmelTKC Cartmel shaker TKCShaker

Cartmel Hand PaintedTKC Cartmel shaker TKCShaker

CharthamMultiwood Chartham MultiwoodInframe

ChartwellBurbidge Chartwell Painted BurbidgeShaker

ClarendonSecond Nature Clarendon PaintedSecond NatureInframe

ClifdenKitchen Stori/Uform ClifdenUformShaker

Cosdon GlossMultiwood Cosdon Gloss MultiwoodModernTH available

Cosdon MattMultiwood Cosdon Matt MultiwoodModernTH available

Cosdon Matt PaintedMultiwood Cosdon Matt MultiwoodModernTH available

CrathorneSecond Nature Crathorne Second NatureShakerTH available


DawsonKitchen Stori / Uform Dawson UformShaker


Eastdon ShakerMultiwood Eastdon MultiwoodShaker

Eildon AshMultiwood Eildon MultiwoodInframe

EllertonSecond NatureTrue Handleless DISCON

EllesmereKitchen Stori/Uform Ellesmere Inframe EffectUformFaux Inframe

Erin BurbidgeShaker DISCON


Feature DoorsSecond Nature Feature SlabSecond NatureModernTH available

FentonBurbidge Fenton BurbidgeShakerTH available

FerroKitchen Stori / Uform FerroUformModern

FinsburyBurbidge Finsbury Beaded BurbidgeShaker

FitzroySecond Nature FitzroySecond NatureShaker

Florence BeadedKitchen Stori / Uform FlorenceUformShaker


GeorgiaKitchen Stori / Uform GeorgiaUformShaker

GranthamTKC Grantham TKCShaker

GreshamBurbidgeShaker DISCON


HarborneKitchen Stori / Uform Harborne UformShaker

HartsideMultiwood Hartside MultiwoodShaker

HolmburyMultiwood Holmbury MultiwoodShakerTH available

Holmbury ReededMultiwood Holmbury Reeded MultiwoodShakerTH available

HuntonSecond Nature Hunton Second NatureShakerTH available


Isala BurbidgeHandleless DISCON


JacobsenKitchen Stori/Uform Jacobsen Inframe EffectUformFaux Inframe

JeffersonKitchen Stori / Uform JeffersonUformClassic

Jefferson OakJefferson classic oak kitchenUformClassic


KelsoKitchen Stori / Uform Kelso UformModernTH available

KensingtonKitchen Stori / Uform KensingtonUformShaker

KewBurbidge Kew BurbidgeShaker

KraftMultiwood Kraft MultiwoodModernTH available


LangtonBurbidge Langton BurbidgeInframe

LawrensonStori/Uform Lawrenson UformShaker

Lucente GlossTKC Lucente Gloss TKCHandleless

Lucente MattTKC Lucente Matt TKCHandleless

Lucente Matt PaintedTKC Lucente Matt TKCHandleless


MadisonKitchen Stori / Uform MadisonUformShaker

Madison OakMadison oak shaker kitchenUformShaker

Malmo GlossBurbidge Malmo Gloss BurbidgeHandleless

Malmo MattBurbidge Malmo Matt BurbidgeHandleless

MilbourneSecond Nature MilbourneSecond NatureShaker

Mornington BeadedSecond Nature Mornington BeadedSecond NatureShaker

Mornington ShakerSecond Nature Mornington ShakerSecond NatureShaker

Mornington ValeSecond Nature Mornington ValeSecond NatureShaker


NewmarketTKC Newmarket PaintedTKCShaker


Otto GlossBurbidgeModern DISCON

Otto LaminateBurbidge Otto Laminate BurbidgeModernTH available

Otto MattBurbidge Otto Matt true handleless kitchen BurbidgeModernTH available

Otto Matt Painted BurbidgeModernTH available DISCON

Otto Painted VeneerBurbidge Otto Matt true handleless kitchen BurbidgeModernTH available

Outline rangesSecond Nature Outline PWSShaker / Modern

OxfordTKC Oxford TKCShaker


ParapanParapan kitchen ParapanHandleless

PembreyBurbidge Pembrey BurbidgeInframe

PetworthBurbidgeInframe DISCON

Porter GlossSecond Nature Porter GlossSecond NatureModernTH available

Porter MattSecond Nature Porter MattSecond NatureModernTH available

PWS 1909PWS 1909 kitchensPWSModernShaker


ReededMultiwood ReededMultiwoodModernTH available

Remo GlossSecond Nature Remo GlossSecond NatureHandleless

Remo MattSecond Nature Remo MattSecond NatureHandleless

Rezana PaintedUformModernTH available DISCON

RezanaKitchen Stori / Uform RezanaUformModernTH available

Rivington Natural OakMultiwood Rivington Natural Oak MultiwoodShaker

RivingtonMultiwood Rivington MultiwoodShaker


Skinny ShakersMultiwood Skinny shakersMultiwoodShakerTH available

Strada GlossKitchen Stori / Uform Strada GlossUformHandleless

Strada MattKitchen Stori / Uform Strada MattUformHandleless

StrattoTKC Stratto true handleless kitchen TKCShakerTH available


Tavola StainedKitchen Stori / Uform TavolaUformModernTH available

Tavola PaintedKitchen Stori / Uform TavolaUformModernTH available

TennysonMultiwood TennysonMultiwoodInframe

TetburyBurbidge Tetbury BurbidgeInframe


Unity MetallicSecond Nature UnitySecond NatureModernTH available

Unity WoodgrainSecond Nature UnitySecond NatureModernTH available

Unity ConcreteSecond Nature UnitySecond NatureModernTH available

Unity Stone MarbleSecond Nature UnitySecond NatureModernTH available

Unity Deluxe SupermattSecond Nature UnitySecond NatureModernTH available

Unity SupermattSecond Nature UnitySecond NatureModernTH available

Unity GlossSecond Nature UnitySecond NatureModernTH available


WakefieldKitchen Stori / Uform WakefieldUformShaker

Wakefield Light OakWakefield light oak shaker kitchenUformShaker

WelfordMultiwood Welford Gloss MultiwoodHandleless

WindsorTKC Windsor shaker TKCShaker

Winslow Inframe EffectKitchen Stori/Uform Winslow Inframe EffectUformFaux Inframe



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