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Please find below a list of the current kitchen ranges we supply. If you can not find the range you require on the list then please contact us.

The links below are to the standard door. We have indicated where a true handlelss variant of the range is available. To view our true handlelss kitchen ranges please visit our true handless page.

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Aconbury MultiwoodHandleless

Aconbury Foundry MultiwoodHandleless

Aconbury Painted MultiwoodHandleless

Aldana PaintedUformShaker

Allestree Beaded MultiwoodShaker

Allestree Painted MultiwoodShaker

Alpina Burnt AshSecond NatureModernTH available

Alpina GlossSecond NatureModernTH available

Alpina MattSecond NatureModernTH available


Barnes BurbidgeShaker

Barnes Painted BurbidgeShaker

Baystone cream MultiwoodInframe

Baystone Painted MultiwoodInframe

Belgravia PaintedUformInframe

Boston TKCClassic

Bowfell Oak MultiwoodClassic

Bowfell Oak Cream Painted MultiwoodClassic

Bowfell Oak Painted MultiwoodClassic

Broadoak NaturalSecond NatureShaker

Broadoak PaintedSecond NatureShaker

Broadoak RyeSecond NatureShaker


Cambridge TKCShaker

Cambridge Oak TKCShaker

Cartmel TKCShaker

Cartmel Hand Painted TKCShaker

Clonmel PaintedUformShaker

Clonmel StainedUformShaker

Cornell Classic Second NatureClassic

Cornell Classic Painted Second NatureClassic

Cosdon Foundry MultiwoodModernTH available

Cosdon Gloss MultiwoodModernTH available

Cosdon Gloss Painted MultiwoodModernTH available

Cosdon Matt MultiwoodModernTH available

Cosdon Matt Painted MultiwoodModernTH available


Denton Ivory TKCClassic


Eastdon Shaker MultiwoodShaker

Eastdon Shaker Painted MultiwoodShaker

Eildon Ash Painted MultiwoodInframe

EllertonSecond NatureTrue Handleless

Ellerton PaintedSecond NatureTrue Handleless

Erin Character Natural OakBurbidgeShaker

Erin PaintedBurbidgeShaker


Farringdon Beaded Painted MultiwoodShaker

Farringdon Shaker Painted MultiwoodShaker

Feature DoorsSecond NatureModernTH available


Finsbury BurbidgeShaker

Finsbury Painted BurbidgeShaker

FitzroySecond NatureShaker

Fitzroy PaintedSecond NatureShaker

Florence BeadedUformShaker

Florence Beaded PaintedUformShaker



Georgia PaintedUformShaker

Gresham Painted BurbidgeShaker


Halton Gloss MultiwoodModernTH available

Halton Matt MultiwoodModernTH available

Hartside Painted MultiwoodShaker


Isala BurbidgeHandleless


Jefferson OakUformClassic

Jefferson PaintedUformClassic



Kensington PaintedUformShaker

Kew BurbidgeShaker

Kew Painted BurbidgeShaker


Langton Painted BurbidgeInframe

Lansdowne Natural Oak BurbidgeShaker

Lansdowne Painted BurbidgeShaker

LichfieldSecond NatureHandleless

Lichfield PaintedSecond NatureHandleless

Lucente Gloss TKCHandleless

Lucenete Matt TKCHandleless

Lucenete Matt Painted TKCHandleless

Lusso TKCModern

LyndonSecond NatureShaker



Madison Ash PaintedUformShaker

Madison OakUformShaker

Malmo Gloss BurbidgeHandleless

Malmo Matt BurbidgeHandleless

Malmo Matt Painted BurbidgeHandleless

Malmo Veneer BurbidgeHandleless

Marlow BurbidgeShaker

Marlow Painted BurbidgeShaker

MilbourneSecond NatureShaker

Milbourne PaintedSecond NatureShaker

Milton PaintedSecond NatureInframe

Mornington BeadedSecond NatureShaker

Mornington Beaded PaintedSecond NatureShaker

Mornington ShakerSecond NatureShaker

Mornington Shaker PaintedSecond NatureShaker


Otto Gloss BurbidgeModernTH available

Otto Laminate BurbidgeHandlelessTH available

Otto Matt BurbidgeModernTH available

Otto Matt Painted BurbidgeModernTH available


Parapan ParapanHandleless

Petworth Natural Oak BurbidgeInframe

Petworth Painted BurbidgeInframe

Porter GlossSecond NatureModernTH available

Porter Gloss PaintedSecond NatureModernTH available

Porter MattSecond NatureModernTH available

Porter Matt PaintedSecond NatureModernTH available


Remo GlossSecond NatureHandleless

Remo Gloss PaintedSecond NatureHandleless

Remo MattSecond NatureHandleless

Remo Matt PaintedSecond NatureHandleless

Rezana PaintedUformModern

Rezana StainedUformModern

Rivington Natural Oak MultiwoodShaker

Rivington Painted MultiwoodShaker


Salcombe Painted BurbidgeInframe

Stowe BurbidgeShaker

Stowe Painted BurbidgeShaker

Strada GlossUformHandleless

Strada MattUformHandleless

Strada Matt PaintedUformHandleless


Tavola StainedUformModernTH available

Tavola PaintedUformModernTH available

Tetbury Natural Oak BurbidgeInframe

Tetbury Painted BurbidgeInframe

Tomba GlossSecond NatureTrue Handleless

Tomba MattSecond NatureTrue Handleless


Unity GlossSecond NatureModernTH available

Unity Gloss WoodSecond NatureModernTH available

Unity MetallicSecond NatureModernTH available

Unity SupermattSecond NatureModernTH available



Wakefield Light OakUformShaker

Wakefield PaintedUformShaker

Welford MultiwoodHandleless

Welford Gloss Painted MultiwoodHandleless

Windsor Classic IvoryUformClassic

Windsor Classic PaintedUformClassic

Windsor ShakerUformShaker

Windsor Shaker OakUformShaker

Windsor Shaker PaintedUformShaker

Windsor Painted TKCShaker

Windsor Timber Oak TKCShaker


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“I found Units Online through Google and was delighted to find that they are only an hour and a half away, so we went to meet with Richard and look at the showroom. Seeing the doors and colours in the flesh was a real help in making our choices, and once we had seen the new thyme and soft grey shades we were sorted. I already had a good idea of the layout I wanted, but was daunted about the fine tuning and Richard drew up a great plan for us, covering all the details about space for the fridge freezer, end panels, cornicing etc. The computerised images were a big help with trying to visualise the finished kitchen, and the final result is testament to that. Units Online gave us all the advantages of great value, ready assembled units but with all the professional backup of a designer kitchen supplier. Special mention must go to Andy who delivered the kitchen efficiently and pleasantly, Russell who gave great after sales assistance on a door which was damaged and a filler panel which was missing, and Lois who managed to solve the mystery of the fixing of the carousel hinge! We could not be happier with the final result. Our friends and family are amazed. We have achieved a top of the range kitchen at a very reasonable price. Thank you Richard and Units Online. ” Mr & Hugh Slade from Bath - November 2018UOL review

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