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Shaker kitchens

The Shaker kitchen design is a true classic suitable for a broad range of homes. There is a wide range of choice to suit many shaker kitchens designs, from traditional through to modern shaker style kitchens. Select from many options such as beaded or a wide choice of painted colours. A number of our shaker ranges are also avialable with a bespoke painted service.

What is a shaker style kitchen?

It has a simple design, projecting clean lines mixed with inset panels which identify shaker kitchen doors. They are often associated with high quality craftsmanship. The Shaker is one of our most popular kitchen styles. You can see a sample of the shaker kitchens we have supplied on our testimonials page.

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Our shaker kitchen doors

We are certain we offer the widest choice of doors than any other shaker kitchen company in the UK. Our range options goes beyond those offered at places like Ikea, B&Q, and Howdens, giving you more choice. All our shaker kitchen cabinets are manufactured in our factory to your unique order. There is a wide palette of colours to choice from which includes both gloss and matt finishes. We also offer a number of wood finishes such as natural oak. Enhancing the painted options is the ability for bespoke colour matching. For a truly different look why not choose a shaker sanded finish option which is available in the Second Nature Broadoak, Kitchen Stori Clonmel, Madison, Wakefield and Windsor or the Sanded oak shaker from TKC.

Below is a selection of our current best selling shaker kitchens, together with shaker style kitchen photos. For the full range of shaker kitchens use the brand links at the bottom of this page. All shaker kitchen prices on our website include door fitting and soft close as standard. Delivery of your kitchen will be direct from our factory.

Second Nature Shaker Kitchens

The range of shaker kitchens from Second Nature offers a comprehensive range of shaker styles. Select from a shaker door range which has been designed to suit a variety of tastes and trends, utilising the latest innovations for materials, shapes and colours. Choose from classic shaker designs such as the Lyndon through to the latest contemporary shaker design of the Fitzroy and Mornington. A selection of ranges are available painted with a beautiful palette of 30 stunning colours. If you need any help then our specialists designers can guide you through the kitchen planning process, creating your perfect kitchen environment.

Broadoak kitchens from Second Nature

Broadoak shaker kitchen

by Second Nature

The Broadoak kitchen demonstrates simple values with a clean design, a true shaker kitchen. A wide palette of 30 colours or the appearance of natural wood, in natural , rye or sanded, allows you to customise your finished look for a distinct kitchen. View more information on:

Broadoak Natural Wood Broadoak Shaker Painted

Lyndon kitchens from Second Nature

Lyndon shaker kitchen

by Second Nature

If you want a kitchen that states country living or even a rustic feel then the knotty oak timber of the Lyndon kitchen is the perfect choice. View more information on:

Lyndon Shaker

Milbourne kitchens from Second Nature

Milbourne shaker kitchen

by Second Nature

The Milbourne kitchen is a classic shaker door with a chunky frame and available in a number of colours. These colours are split between colours which are in stock and those which are paint to order. The stock colours are Alabaster, Almond, Chalk, Charcoal, Partridge Grey, Porcelain, Sage and Stone. The variety of colours enables you to create constrasting colours for a customised look. View more information on:

Milbourne Shaker Kitchen

Fitzroy kitchens from Second Nature

Fitzroy shaker kitchen

by Second Nature

A range of smooth paint finishes display the classic shaker styling of the Fitzroy kitchen. Fove colours of dove grey, graphite, partridge grey, porcelain and stone are available from stock. A further, larger, selection of colours are available as paint to order. These have a slightly longer lead time for delivery. Mix and match these colours to create contrasting areas throughout the kitchen. The Fitzroy is also available with a primed finish. View more information on:

Fitzroy Shaker Kitchen

Mornington shaker kitchens from Second Nature

Mornington shaker kitchen

by Second Nature

This classic shaker door comes with an options of a number of colour finishes. These finishes are split between those in stock colours and ones which are paint to order. A internal bead is also available for the Mornington range with the same colour choices. The in stock colours are partridge grey, porcelain and stone. The Mornington shaker is also available sanded. View more information on:

Mornington Shaker KitchenMornington Beaded Shaker Kitchen

Burbidge Shaker Kitchens

Burbidge have an unrelenting passing for creating the finest kitchen designs and this is displayed in the stunning shaker kitchen designs below. A wide range of shaker door trends are available for Burbidge which includes doors from the Simply Burbidge collection. For modern designs the Barnes and Finsbury offer the perfect choice. Each range presents a number of stock colours or choose from a palette of 25 stunning colours which includes the Burbidge anniversary palette. The Erin and Lansdowne offers a more classic shaker kitchen look. Both are available in natural oak which can be combined with the 25 colour painted option. Talk to our kitchen designers about how they will work with you to create a stunning Burbidge shaker kitchen which combines shaker style with the requirements for every day living.

Barnes shaker kitchens from Burbidge

Barnes shaker kitchen

by Burbidge

The Barnes kitchen is from the Simply Burbidge range. It follows the traditional shaker look with a stunning simple design. View more information on:

Barnes Shaker Painted

Chartwell shaker kitchens from Burbidge

Chartwell shaker kitchen

by Burbidge

This fantastic new shaker door form Burbidge is available from March 2019. View more information on:

Chartwell Shaker Painted Oak

Erin shaker kitchens from Burbidge

Erin shaker kitchen

by Burbidge

Combining a chunky shaker style frame with character oak the Erin kitchen, this kitchen cleverly maximises the beauty of unaltered timber. If you require a timber look then this is the perfect kitchen. View more information on:

Erin Character Natural Oak Erin Shaker Painted Oak

Finsbury shaker kitchens from Burbidge

Finsbury shaker kitchen

by Burbidge

Offering a very modern take on the shaker style the Finsbury kitchen projects style and is value for money. It is part of the Simply Burbidge collection with three stock colours or painted options. View more information on:

Finsbury Shaker Painted Ash

Gresham shaker kitchens from Burbidge

Gresham shaker kitchen

by Burbidge

With a slim frame and traditional panel the Gresham kitchen offers a slightly different design to the traditional shaker kitchens. This ash painted kitchens has a choice of 25 beautiful colours, such as the putty and mink shown in this image. View more information on:

Gresham Shaker Painted Ash

Kew shaker kitchens from Burbidge

Kew shaker kitchen

by Burbidge

With a timeless design but contemporary design the Kew kitchen is imaginative with detailing and gives a design that with last with time. The kitchen is half beaded (left and right) and form parts of the Simply Burbidge range. Available in four stock colours or a choice of 22 painted colour options. View more information on:

Kew Shaker Painted Ash

Lansdowne shaker kitchens from Burbidge

Lansdowne shaker kitchen

by Burbidge

The Lansdowne kitchen offers a modern design but with the impressive elegance of natural oak graining. It is available in a wide choice of finishes. View more information on:

Stowe shaker kitchens from Burbidge

Stowe shaker kitchen

by Burbidge

The Stowe has a smooth finish in the stock colours of light grey and porcelain or the beautiful painted palette. It has a modern take on the shaker design and is very suitable for modern living. View more information on:

Stowe Shaker Kitchen

Multiwood Shaker Kitchens

From the stunning Allestree through to Rivington Natural Oak, our Multiwood range presents a fantastic range of shaker kitchens. Each range is available in a number of colours from stock or a choice of 28 painted colours form a fantastic modern palette. If you can't find the perfect colour then the Multiwood shaker kitchen range is also availalbe with a bespoke painted RAL option. Simply tell us the RAL colour you require and your kitchen will be painted to match. Our kitchen designers will be able to talk you through this process and how to exploit the fantastic options available with the Multwood shaker kitchen ranges.

Allestree shaker kitchens from Multiwood

Allestree shaker kitchen

by Multiwood

This stunning Allestree shaker kitchen is a combination of modern shaker design with traditional material with varied grain. It is available in four colour finishes from stock, a choice of 28 beautiful painted colours or the ability for you to create your own bespoke colour with our colour matching option. Please call for more information on our colour matching service. View more information on:

Allestree Stock Allestree Painted

Rivington shaker kitchens from Multiwood

Rivington shaker kitchen

by Multiwood

This solid oak shaker door has a deep centre panel with a distinct timeless simple design. The Rivington natural oak has detailed grains and tones making it different to other shaker doors. The neutral cream colour highlights the classic lines and quality craftsmanship. This can be mixed and matched with a choice of 28 painted colours. Enhancing the painted options is the ability for you to specify your own bespoke colour. View more information on:

Rivington Cream Rivington Natural Oak Rivington Painted

Eastdon shaker kitchens from Multiwood

Eastdon shaker kitchen

by Multiwood

The Eastdon shaker is a modern classic shaker kitchen which will suit many kitchen styles. It is available in four colours from stock or a number painted finishes. The Eastson shaker is also available to be supplied in your own specified colours. Please call for more information on this service. View more information on:

Eastdon Stock Colours Eastdon Painted Colours

Farringdon shaker kitchens from Multiwood

Farringdon shaker kitchen

by Multiwood

Available in two styles, shaker or shaker beaded, the Farringdon gives you choice. It is a contemporary design suitable for a modern looking kitchen in the shaker style. View more information on:

Farringdon Beaded PaintedFarringdon Shaker Painted

Hartside shaker kitchens from Multiwood

Hartside shaker kitchen

by Multiwood

The Hartside is available in two colours from stock or a choice of 28 painted colours. This shaker door has a smooth finish giving it a more modern appearance. The Hartside is also available with our colour matching service for your own bespoke colour. Please call us for more details. View more information on:

Hartside Light Grey Hartside Porcelain Hartside Painted

Kitchen Stori/Uform Shaker Kitchens

Shaker kitchens from Kitchen Stori / Uform offers a wide range of shaker door designs from classic to the contemporary. Choose from oak finishes, modern stained finishes or a palette of 24 stunning painted colours. Select from traditional shaker desings such as the Madison to shaker designs with modenr twists such as Florence and Georgia. Our designers will be happy to talk you though the options available with the Kitchen Stori shaker kitchen options.

Aldana shaker kitchens from Kitchen Stori/Uform

Aldana shaker kitchen

by Kitchen Stori/Uform

The Aldana shaker kitchen is a modern shaker kitchen with a narrow frame and simple design. It is available from a choice of 27 stunning painted colours, making it the perfect shaker kitchen choice for contemporary styled kitchen. 5 colours are available from stock. View more information on:

Aldana Stock Colours Aldana Painted Shaker Kitchens

Clonmel shaker kitchens from Kitchen Stori/Uform

Clonmel shaker kitchen

by Kitchen Stori/Uform

The Clonmel shaker kitchen is a solid timber door with a wide frame and deep profile with detailed grain structure. The painted option has 27 colours which detail the grain from the solid door. Finishing the Clonmel options is stained. This gives a choice of six different stained finishes each with their own unique hue. View more information on:

Clonmel Painted Shaker Kitchens Clonmel Stained

Florence beaded shaker kitchens from Kitchen Stori/Uform

Florence beaded shaker kitchen

by Kitchen Stori/Uform

The Florence shaker kitchen features an internal beading to the centre panel giving it a twist on the shaker design. The range is available in six smooth painted finishes which can be mix and matched to create a refreshing affordable style. It is also available painted, giving a total choice of 27 colours. View more information on:

Florence Shaker Kitchens Florence Painted Shaker Kitchens

Georgia shaker kitchens from Kitchen Stori/Uform

Georgia shaker kitchen

by Kitchen Stori/Uform

With a choice of six smooth stock paint finishes or a wider 27 painted colour palette, and a large range of units and accessories the Georgia shaker is a great choice for those requiring a modern shaker inspired kitchen design. View more information on:

Georgia Shaker Stock Colours Georgia Painted Shaker Kitchen

Kensington shaker kitchens from Kitchen Stori/Uform

Kensington shaker kitchen

by Kitchen Stori/Uform

This modern Kensington kitchen is available with a choice of 27 painted colours. 5 colours are available from stock which are dust grey, ivory, light grey, mussel and porcelain. View more information on:

Kensington Painted

Madison shaker kitchens from Kitchen Stori/Uform

Madison shaker kitchen

by Kitchen Stori/Uform

The Madison shaker kitchen is a kitchen of excellence and sophistication which makes a statement with detail and style. Each option displays distinct woodgrain giving a level of authenticity for the timeless shaker design. The painted option give a choice of 27 carefully selected colours. 6 colours are available from stock which are dust grey, ivory, light grey, mussel, sage green and stone. View more information on:

Madison Ash Shaker PaintedMadison Oak Madison Sanded Oak

Wakefield shaker kitchens from Kitchen Stori/Uform

Wakefield shaker kitchen

by Kitchen Stori/Uform

For a blend of a traditional shaker kitchen with a contemporary feel the Wakefield is a great choice. With the option of 27 painted colours, 6 colours available from stock. The Wakefield colours from stock are dust grey, ivory, light grey, mussel, sage green and stone. The Wakefield shaker is also available in a light oak finish. Use all these options to create stunning and unique kitchen design possibilities. View more information on:

Wakefield Shaker Painted Wakefield Light Oak Wakefield Sanded

Windsor shaker kitchens from Kitchen Stori/Uform

Windsor shaker kitchen

by Kitchen Stori/Uform

The modern shaker inspired Windsor is a cost effective yet realistic alternative to solid oak. The Oak offers warm tones which sit perfectly with both the ivory finish or the 27 painted colours available. View more information on:

Windsor Shaker Ivory Windsor Shaker Mussel Windsor Shaker Oak Windsor Shaker Painted

TKComponents (TKC) Shaker Kitchen

The three shaker kitchens from TKC offers both oak and a wide variety of painted colours. The Cambridge is a very traditional shaker design available in oak and stock colours. The Cartmel shaker is a more modern shaker design but with classic characteristics. Finally the Windsor is more tradational shaker design with an internal beading of the centre panel. The range of shaker door options from TKC allows for stunning kithcen designs and our internal design team can assist you with the planning process.

Cambridge shaker kitchens from TKComponents

Cambridge shaker kitchen

by TKComponents

The Cambridge is a very traditional shaker kitchen design. It is available in an oak finish and three stock colours. The stock colours are ivory, light grey and mussel. The image shows the light grey and oak finish combined throughout the kitchen. View more information on:

Cambridge Oak Cambridge Stock Colours

Windsor shaker kitchens from TKComponents

Windsor shaker kitchen

by TKComponents

This shaker door has a flat centre panel with an surrounding internal beading giving a lovely finish to the Windsor design. It is available in oak and three stock colours. Ivory, light grey and mussel make up the stock colours, which can be combined throughout the kitchen with the oak. View more information on:

Windsor Oak Windsor Stock Colours

Cartmel shaker kitchens from TKComponents

Cartmel shaker kitchen

by TKComponents

With a choice of 20 hand painted colours, 9 of which are available from stock, the Cartmel gives you plenty of versatility to create a bespoke kitchen. The Cartmel has a distinct shaker design with a modern look with classic characteristics. The stock colours are dakar, ivory and sage green (shown in this image). View more information on:

Cartmel Shaker Painted

Shaker kitchen list correct as at 30/09/2019


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