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The BioGraphy modern kitchens allow you to develop your very own original style. The range has been developed to reflect modern living and to offer versatility and freedom, allowing choice to reflect individual requirements. No two kitchens are the same as you can combine door styles, colours and unique door features. With a choice of 40 door options and up to 35 painted colours you can create your own style.

Below are the individual BioGraphy styles. These have been created to highlight the different and contrasting styles which can be created using the BioGraphy range.

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Biography modern kitchens
BioGraphy kitchens

Biography kitchens style 1

BioGraphy Seamless Precision - Style 1

Offering a minial appearance with a spotless and sharp finish, BioGraphy enables you to make looks that reflect light, emanate a feeling of complexity and mix consummately with your home. Create a brilliant and exact space that works easily for your lifestyle needs. Use the minimalist design to convey a kitchen with the greatest effect.

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Biography kitchens style 2

BioGraphy Eclectic Mix - Style 2

Use the BioGraphy range to give you full flexibility to make your own statement. With plenty of choice you can articulate a kitchen which is practical, expressive and matches the vitality of your family home. Use the mix of finishes, materials and colours to sit effortlessly in the heart of your home.

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Biography kitchens style 3

BioGraphy Urban Heritage - Style 3

BioGraphy cleverly captures the heritage and character of a professional setting, while drawing on top features of a contemporary space. For urban spaces and more masculine environments, create a kitchen that suits a busy, on-the-go lifestyle whether you are working, grabbing a fast bite or socialising with friends.

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Biography kitchens style 4

BioGraphy Sophisticated Chic - Style 4

Rich and warm, with a touch of glamour, BioGraphy can provide a feminine touch while being perfectly practical for meeting the demands of day-to-day life. Polished, open-plan kitchen spaces complement your immaculate interiors, where deep colours and textures give a empahtic and beautiful style.

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Biography kitchens style 5

BioGraphy Modern British - Style 5

Kitchens are the social centre of the modern British family home. Modern kitchens are multi-functional spaces where you eat, play, share your entire day. BioGraphy modern kitchens will assist you to maximise and transform interior space, creating a home friendly, with smart storage, accessible prep areas and an area for that all important family time.

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BioGraphy kitchen list correct as at 14/02/2024

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