What we are doing to be more sustainable

We are striving to operate our business in a more sustainable manner. We are working with our staff and our suppliers to ensure we do more across all areas of our business. Find out more below about what we are doing.

Helping the environment

In partnership with the Woodland Trust we planted over 1,000 trees last year

Units Online tree planting

And we will continue this, for every kitchen we sell this year we will plant a tree.

More from wood

A key part of our kitchen manufacture process is the use of MFC. The product we have carefully chosen ensures it is a design statement whilst being robust and functional. Here are just a few of the key environmental reasons the product is our choice.

Units Online MFC

• Made using 40% recycled wood, 40% sawmill by-products and 20% fresh

• 100% recyclable following use

• Negative carbon footprint of -13.3KgCO2/M2 during manufacture

• Complies with REACH, LEED, BREEAM, DGNB and Nordic Swan standards

Renewable energy

We have increased the amount of energy we collect from renewable sources by adding solar panel coverage to our buildings.

Now around 70% of our energy usage is provided by these solar panels.

Units Online solar panels

At Units Online we take pride ensuring all our customers receive a first class service.

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