3DS2 compliance

Strong Customer Authentication

The way your bank/credit card provider verifies an online payment will be changing. This change will help reduce the risk of fraud. Your bank/credit card provider should keep you up to date if it is planning changes to the way your online payments are processed. Read guidance from the FCA on strong customer authentication

We have updated the Units Online website to allow for this change in payment process. This means you may be required to enter an extra security stage after you have entered your payment details. Whether this is required will be dependent on information we receive from your bank/credit card provider at the time of check out.

What additional information for SCA may be required?

The additional step may be in the form of a security question which you have setup with your bank/credit card provider, or a one-time passcode which your bank/credit card provider will send you in a text message or telephone call. What is required is determined by your bank/credit card provider, not by Units Online.

What do I do if I have a problem checking out?

We are here to help you experience a smooth check out process. In event of you having difficulties with any additional security steps please speak to your bank/credit card provider. If you are still having issues please give us a call on 01823 665817 or email sales@unitsonline.co.uk and we will be happy to assist. We do recommmend you save your shopping basket as a quote if logged in or using the save basket function available basket item on our navigation bar.

At Units Online we take pride ensuring all our customers receive a first class service.

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