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Alchemy kitchens

Alchemy kitchens from Units Online

The Alchemy kitchen selection has carefully crafted a series of kitchen doors into 5 stunning styles. These styles are perfect for modern living but have a hint of classic styling. The styles use a mixture of 8 different doors to create a unique collection. The doors styles used within each style are shown at the end.

The 5 Alchemy styles are shown below. Each style has been carefully selected to represent different home styles and modern living. The colour palettes can be extended to use 35 different painted colour finishes.

If you would like more information on the Alchemy kitchen range, or to view what we have on display in our showroom, please telephone us.

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Alchemy kitchens
Alchemy kitchens

Alchemy kitchens style 1

Alchemy Style 1

This style reflects clean lines and utilities vivid colours to create energy throughout the design. Style 1 mixes door fronts with true handleless timber rail and contrasting cornices to establish a kitchen style which will stand out.

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Alchemy kitchens style 2

Alchemy Style 2

Style 2 of the Alchemy kitchens uses bold colours to define a statement. These colours combined with traditional details allows you to create stunning designs.

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Alchemy kitchens style 3

Alchemy Style 3

The Alchemy kitchen style 3 reflects character. By combining door painted finishes with natural timber allows a modern kitchen to sit comfortably within the charms of a rural property.

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Alchemy kitchens style 4

Alchemy Style 4

Clever use of door colours is used in Alchemy style 4. These colours reflect a modern earthy palette combined with traditional detailing and subtle tones throughout the kitchen.

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Alchemy kitchens style 5

Alchemy Style 5

This style is all about defining colour throughout the kitchen. The full colour palette for painted kitchens within the Alchemy range consists of 35 colours. Use these door colours with contrasting work surfaces, floor and wall colours to create the perfect looking modern home.

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Alchemy kitchen styles correct as at 03/10/2021

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