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Gloss Kitchens

A stunning finish for kitchen design is the selection of a beautiful high gloss kitchen. At Units Online we offer a wide range of gloss colour choices ensuring each personalised preference is covered. Colours range from white gloss and cream high gloss kitchens through to anthracite and black high gloss kitchen cabinets. These colours give a reflection of perfect clarity to present a stunning modern gloss kitchen design. The gloss finish allows the kitchen to be easily wiped clean maintaining the perfect finish. This is a selection of the gloss kitchens we have on offer at trade prices which will be very competitive against any other gloss kitchen price guide. All prices include VAT and the fitting of doors and soft close as standard. For the full list of gloss kitchens view our pages by specific brand at the bottom of this page. For gloss kitchens reviews please see our testimonial page which includes testimonials and pictures of kitchens we have supplied to our many happy customers.

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True Handleless gloss kitchen

We now supply a range of german style truehandleless kitchens. A number of these ranges are available in a high gloss finish. View true handleless kitchens

High gloss acrylic kitchen

If you are looking for a high gloss acrylic kitchen then please see our Parapan range of acrylic kitchen doors

Our range of high gloss kitchens

Below is a list of all our high gloss kitchens, by brand, which are available online and at trade prices from our website. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Second Nature kitchens

Select from a wide range of modern high gloss kitchens from Second Nature. With a wonderful array of colours and finishes, including the option of true handleless, there is plenty of choice.

Alpina gloss kitchens from Second Nature
True Handleless available

Alpina gloss kitchen

by Second Nature

The Alpina is a modern range of kitchen doors from Second Nature. It features 12 striking woodgrain finishes. The gloss version of the Alpina is available in mist, silver oak, smoked oak and tobacco. Mix and match these doors with other finishes such as the Porter to create stunning combinations. View more information on:

Alpina Gloss Colours Alpina Gloss True Handleless

Porter gloss kitchens from Second Nature
True Handleless available

Porter gloss kitchen

by Second Nature

The Porter painted kitchen is a very modern design and comes with a high gloss lacquered finish. Select from a contemporary palette of 32 colours. You can combine these colours throughout the kitchen to create accent areas between wall and floor kitchen units. 7 of the high gloss colours are available from stock offering a shorter lead time. These stock colours are; Alabaster, Cashmere, Dove Grey, Graphite, Porcelain, Silver Grey and White. The Porter is also available from our true handleless kitchen range. View more information on:

Porter Painted Colours Porter Stock Colours Porter True Handleleless

Remo gloss kitchens from Second Nature

Remo gloss kitchen

by Second Nature

The Remo range is available from a wide variety of colours. From 7 stock colours, alabaster, cashmere, dove grey, graphite, porcelain, silver grey and white. Alternatively the Remo gloss can be supplied painted from a palette of 32 painted gloss options. The Remo range has utilises an integrated handle which allows for the easy opening of doors yet still maintaining a clean lines look. Remo offers a contemporary look which is perfectly suitable for modern day living. View more information on:

Remo Gloss Stock Colours Remo Gloss Painted Colours

Tomba gloss kitchens from Second Nature
True Handleless available

Tomba gloss kitchen

by Second Nature

The Tomba kitchen forms part of our true handleless range. The Tomba range presents a sleek finish with an integrated rail giving a striking appearance. It is available in a choice of 27 painted colours in either a gloss or matt finish. It is a very modern looking kitchen perfect for those looking for the very latest design trend. View more information on:

Tomba Gloss Painted Tomba Matt Painted

Unity gloss kitchens from Second Nature
True Handleless available

Unity gloss kitchen

by Second Nature

This very modern kitchen is available in a number of striking gloss colours inclusing a wonderful smoked oak. The Unity is avilable in slab format and true handleless. View more information on:

Unity Gloss Unity True Handleless

Burbidge kitchens

For our Burbidge range of high gloss kitchens select from the Malmo and Otto ranges. The Otto is also available in gloss true handleless style. These sleek looking very modern kitchen ranges perfectly suite the gloss finish.

Malmo gloss kitchens from Burbidge

Malmo gloss kitchen

by Burbidge

With a choice of 5 stunning colours the Malmo gloss kitchen range is a perfect choice for any handleless gloss kitchen. The Malmo present a beautifully sleek modern looking kitchen which is available from a choice of these fantastic colours. The colours available are; Cashmere, Graphite, Light Grey, Porcelain and White. Each colour is completed to a high gloss finish and complemented with a range of matching accessories. View more information on:

Malmo Gloss

Otto gloss kitchens from Burbidge
True Handleless available

Otto gloss kitchen

by Burbidge

The Otto range has a quality lacquered high gloss finish. It is available in three fantastic colours of cashmere, porcelain and white. If offers a sleek design with the high gloss finish and each colour allows you to mix and match to produce very modern colour combinations. View more information on:

Otto Gloss

Otto gloss true handleless kitchens from Burbidge
True Handleless available

Otto gloss true handleless kitchen

by Burbidge

With a sleek design, true handleless German style and high gloss white finish the Otto true handleless is a great choice for a modern, on trend, kitchen. View more information on:

Otto Gloss True Handleless

Multiwood kitchens

Multiwood gloss kitchens features a number of stock colour fnishes or up to 16 wonderfully bright painted colours in the Cosdon and Welford ranges. Both the Halton and Cosdon ranges are available in as true handleless kitchens.

Cosdon gloss kitchens from Multiwood
True Handleless available

Cosdon gloss kitchen

by Multiwood

The Cosdon is available with a choice of 6 stock gloss colours or 16 bright and bold painted colours. View more information on:

Cosdon Stock Colours Cosdon Painted Colours

Halton gloss kitchens from Multiwood
True Handleless available

Halton gloss kitchen

by Multiwood

This beautifully modern kitchen is available in 3 high gloss colours of grey, sahara and white. Each colour is available from stock. View more information on:

Halton Gloss Halton Gloss True Handleless

Welford gloss kitchens from Multiwood

Welford gloss kitchen

by Multiwood

The Welford high gloss kitchen from Multiwood has a choice fo 7 colours, from bright white through to graphite. Or expand your choice further with 16 modern high gloss painted colours. Create stunning colour combinations throughout the kitchen. The Welford is perfect choice for combining with other ranges such as the Aconbury matt to create a unique look to your kitchen. View more information on:

Welford Gloss Stock Colours Welford Gloss Painted Colours


Kitchen Stori/Uform kitchens

The Kitchen Stori/Uform gloss kitchen options features two very modern kitchens. The high gloss Strada is available in 7 colours. The Zola is also available in 7 gloss colours with a mirror like finish and is also available in true handleless.

Strada gloss kitchens from Kitchen Stori/Uform

Strada gloss kitchen

by Kitchen Stori/Uform

Available with handleless doors and drawer fronts and seven fantastic colours in cashmere, dust grey, graphite, ivory, light grey, porcelain and white. The Strada range allows you to create your own statement in kitchen design. View more information on:

Strada Gloss

Zola gloss kitchens from Kitchen Stori/Uform
True Handleless available

Zola gloss kitchen

by Kitchen Stori/Uform

This stunning slab gloss door offers a flawless, mirror-like finish. This range is available in seven gorgeous colours white, ivory, cashmere, light grey, dust grey, porcelain and graphite. The Zola range is also available with our true handleless style. View more information on:

Zola Gloss Zola Gloss True Handleless

TKComponents (TKC) kitchens

These very much on-trend gloss kitchen from TKC feature a wide range of colours and are perfect for the design conscious. The Vivo range is also available true handlelss.

Vivo gloss kitchens from TKComponents
True Handleless available

Vivo gloss kitchen

by TKComponents

In its true handleless design the Vivo high gloss is an on-trend design. With a choice of 7 high gloss colours it makes it the perfect choice for the design conscious. View more information on:

Vivo Gloss Vivo Gloss True Handleless

Lucente gloss kitchens from TKComponents

Lucente gloss kitchen

by TKComponents

With clean lines providing a sleek, contemporary and minimalist kitchen, the high gloss handleless Lucente will provide an exciting kitchen you can admire. With a choice of 8 colours, with hues from white to anthracite, a Lucente kitchen will make a bold statement in any home. View more information on:

Lucente Gloss

Lusso gloss kitchens from TKComponents

Lusso gloss kitchen

by TKComponents

The high gloss Lusso kitchen is presented in white, cream, cashmere or light grey colours. These colours create a warm environment and can be supplied with curved doors brining a finish which is perfect for modern or classic kitchen designs. View more information on:

Lusso Gloss

Gloss kitchen list correct as at 09/11/2018


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