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White kitchens

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There is no better colour than a white kitchen to symbolise the perfect finish. White is one of the most common colours in our lives used widely to represent perfection, cleanliness and a new beginning. White can used within a kitchen design to improve many aspects of living offering simplicity and a pristine finish. Within a small kitchen is can be used to brighten and appear to enlarge a small area. It can also give a sense of efficiency and clarity both which contribute to declutter kitchen living. All this leads white to be an ideal choice for a new kitchen design giving a finish of completion with perfection. A white kitchen allows you to blend accents of colour via a contrasting worktop through to wall and floor finishes in addition to opening a wide range of colours for finishes on items such as kitchen accessories. It really is the perfect choice. At Units Online we offer a wide range of choice in white kitchen finishes. We offer white kitchens in all styles such as handleless and inframe through to different finishes such as matt, gloss and even acrylic doors with a high gloss finish from Parapan. We’re sure we have a design to meet any requirements. If you need any help finding that perfect white kitchen then please contact us and we’ll be happy to help. Below we have extracted a few of our favourite white kitchens from or extensive catalogue. We have many more available for you to browse to ensure you get the perfect white kitchen finish. To help you decide which door is the perfect choice all kitchen doors are available as a sample for you to view before making your final choice



White gloss kitchens

The gloss finish delivers the wow factor to any design whilst being easy to maintain for every day living. With the ability to light even the darkest kitchen a gloss white kitchen is perfect choice for enhancing the natural light. we have wide choice of white gloss kitchens for sale online at trade prices. Below are some of our favourites.

Avant whitePorter whiteMalmo gloss whiteOtto whiteHaddington high gloss whiteAstro gloss whiteUltra high gloss whiteAlaskaLusso whiteVivo white

White handleless kitchens

If clean lines and a modern design are your choices then a white handleless kitchen is the perfect choice. Available in both gloss and matt finishes we have a wide range of choices available online.

Remo Matt WhiteMalmo matt whiteWelford bright whiteStrada gloss whiteLucente whiteModa white

Getting the perfect white kitchen

Although to many white is white we know that are many different shades available and it may not be a pure white door which meets your requirements. Together with offering many shades of white within our many styles we also offer the ability for you to specify your own shade and we can supply your kitchen to this colour. This enables you to be content the choice you made is the perfect choice of colour. The choice of specifying your own colouris available within the Remo matt kitchen range from which you can view the kitchen below. If you have any questions on this product then please give us a call or use our contact us page, we're happy to help.

Remo matt any colour


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