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German True Handleless - True Handleless - TH Porter Matt Dust Grey - Door & Drawer Fronts - Door - door



Choose your Door & Drawer Fronts - Door - door

PhotoProductCode  PriceQty
1245x296 mm Door Facia1245x296


1245x396 mm Door Facia1245x396


1245x496 mm Door Facia1245x496


1245x596 mm Door Facia1245x596


1965x296 mm Door Facia1965x296


1965x496 mm Door Facia1965x496


1965x596 mm Door Facia1965x596


400x596 mm Door Facia455x596


495x596 mm Door Facia495x596


570x296 mm Door Facia570x296


570x396 mm Door Facia570x396


570x446 mm Door Facia570x446


570x496 mm Door Facia570x496


570x596 mm Door Facia570x596


645x596 mm Door Facia645x596


685x147 mm Door Facia685x147


685x297 mm Door Facia685x297


685x315mm Corner Door Set685x315WCDS


685x347 mm Door Facia685x347


685x397 mm Door Facia685x397


685x447 mm Door Facia685x447


685x497 mm Door Facia685x497


685x547 mm Door Facia685x547


685x597 mm Door Facia685x597


715x146 mm Door Facia715x146


715x256 mm Door Facia715x256


715x276mm Corner Door Set715x276MWCDS


715x296 mm Door Facia715x296


715x300mm Base/Wall Curved Door Facia715x300B/WC


715x316mm Corner Door Set715x316HLCDS


715x346 mm Door Facia715x346


715x396 mm Door Facia715x396


715x446 mm Door Facia715x446


715x496 Glass Door Facia715x496G


715x496 mm Door Facia715x496


715x546 mm Door Facia715x546


715x596 mm Door Facia715x596


897x296 mm Door Facia897x296


897x396 mm Door Facia897x396


897x446 mm Door Facia897x446


897x496 mm Door Facia897x496


897x596 mm Door Facia897x596


980x596 mm Door Facia980x596




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*Please note door and drawer sizes shown will vary per range. The sizes shown above are generic. Contact us if you have any queries regarding sizes.

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