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Burbidge - Burbidge Kitchen - Kew Painted Ash Pale Navy - Feature Items - Feature Items - feature-items

Kew Painted Ash

Kew Painted Ash Pale Navy

Burbidge Kew Painted Ash Pale Navy Kitchen - Shaker Style Painted Timber Frame Veneer Centre Panel Door - Curves and traditional accessories available - Replacement panels recommended - This is part of our bespoke painted range - Great quality rigid DIY kitchen units




Choose your Feature Items - feature-items

PhotoProductCode  PriceQty
Bottle Rail 60x600x15mm800-XX-WR 


Corbel Back Support 295x295x19mm800-XX-CBSS 


Corner Post 720x60x60mm800-XX-82 


Curved Pilaster 1350x50mm800-XX-TP13 


Curved Pilaster 2150x50mm800-XX-TP21 


Curved Pilaster 910x50mm800-XX-TP9 


Decorative Corbel 219x107x95mm800-XX-CBL 


Frame Profile 1500x37x20mm800-NY-P37F15 


Mantle Cross Panel 1200x295x20mm800-XX-M12Q 


Mantle Cross Panel 1500x295x20mm800-XX-M15Q 




MANTLE UP1100x295x20mm800-XX-MUQRH 


Plate Rack 330x1205mm800-XX-PR 


Spacer Fillet 2400x90x19mm800-XX-SP24E 


Spacer Fillet 910x90x19mm800-XX-SP09E 


Square Pilaster 2440x50x50mm800-NY-SQP2V 


Veneer Filler 3000x150mm800-NY-FP3 


Wine Rack Drawer 92x86x280mm800-XX-WRD 




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